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Wella TVA – Obscure Retro

TrendVision Award is Wella’s exciting annual contest designed to bring out the best in its participants through unrivalled mentoring programme at each stage.

In this tutorial, the TVA Male Grooming mentor Darren Ambrose presents how to combine razor and scissor cutting techniques to add personality to the hair. 

Achieving a certain look doesn’t have to revolve around major changes, but rather detailed personalisation:

“Utilising your technique you can go into the pockets of the haircut that will personalise it”

By preserving the length and adding more texture with the razor and his own fingers, Darren gives his model a strong and unique look, full of character, paying homage to Gucci and retroism. 

Whilst adding more of an animalistic vibe to the hair and sculpting it with his fingers, Darren also manages unity within the cut, preserving solidness and connection between the layers. This allows him to create a more authentic and genuine cut, working with the natural movements of the hair and adding a bit more colours and shades for a more masculine finish. 

Watch the full video and learn how to make a big impact whilst preserving the length of the hair and create an authentic cut full of character. 


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