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Here Akin Konizi from HOB Academy and HOB Salons gives his model a more dramatic look whilst sharing his approach to hair and hairdressing. 

He approaches the hair without any preconceptions and allows himself to play around with it without the scissors and let his creativity direct how it will look. 

Akin uses thinning scissors over comb to create this fur-like, vintage, homemade texture on the hair, with a lot of layering. He stresses the importance of cross-checking, this “gives you a three dimensional understanding of what you’re creating”. If the layering doesn’t look great at the time, it won’t start looking great once dry. Similarly Akin comes back to particular sections multiple times to adjust the length and slowly sculpt out the beauty of the hairstyle, finding where it is and what it is. 

To make the style stand out even more and make it even more dramatic, Akin has to make it look different, here adding asymmetry to the style, thus also giving the model not just one, but multiple styles dependent on how she chooses to wear the hair. 


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