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Anne Veck presents one of the winning looks from her Silhouette collection which brought her the Southern Hairdresser of the Year Award in 2016.

Drawing inspiration from her childhood memories and her grandmother’s wardrobe, Anne uses micro crimping, platting and padding to create a truly impressive, avant-garde construction.

Anne stresses the importance of prepping the hair; here layering it with a medium strength, workable hairspray, using heat protection, brushing the hair and micro crimping to provide the right texture. 

To create the avant-garde form, she uses two forms of padding, a small and medium size shape as opposed to one big piece to make the result more stable. As an anchor, she uses a plat in the middle to which she affixes the padding. Ensuring the foundation is strong and stable provides the result will stay in place. 

As with all avant-garde shapes, Anne lets the hair flow a little, leaving some softness to it to make sure the result looks natural.


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