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In this cutting tutorial, The Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie Tom Connell presents a very textured  and soft razor cut. 

Tom takes inspirations from anywhere with everyday life being his favourite and most effective source of influences. If you look for inspiration to other hairdressers you’re just going to end up copying what’s already been done rather than producing something unique. 

Here Tom replicates a cut seen on a shop assistant – a cut she’s done herself simply chopping off pieces of hair. It’s the unhairdressery look Tom was practicing and processing for a long time before finally choosing techniques, lines and ways to achieve it. 

With the only principle being the angle of the razor, which ensures the cutting lines are parallel to the section in order to produce the right, flattering shape, whilst also controlling the weight and tension when cutting, Tom managed to create this self-cut style soft look. 

In the tutorial, Tom will run you through the correct usage of the razor and ways to ensure you don’t cut through the hairline in different areas of the head. He will also share with you some tips on avoiding the mullety look and the jellyfish effect he’s experienced whilst developing the idea. 

Despite the undisciplined look, it does require a certain degree of craft. “Haircutting is just the distribution of weight in different areas” – understanding this and using to your advantage will further help you to create a cut like this.


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