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Broken Fringe

In this precision cutting tutorial Steven Buzassy from Lakme Hungary and the founder of Circle Budapest presents a tailored short cut with a short, broken fringe inspired by various kinds of fabrics.

As with other cuts, Steve works with his model’s beautiful hairline and natural growth patterns, creating layers with different lengths. He plays around with the cut working very visually to achieve a creative result, paying attention to his own and especially his model’s body position throughout. 

In order to create a more organic and seamless effect, Steve continuously checks where the hair falls and assess the lines and the shape. In order to achieve the desired effect, you have to be conscious of the angle and degree of your overdirection and using it to the right extent. This is a useful technique if you’re looking to flatten the shape on the sides whilst leaving out longer pieces falling over the ear, especially suitable if there is a slight curl to the hair. 

Full Fringe

During Salon International last year we’ve had the pleasure to film SENZI Education’s styling specialist Rebecca Chang. In this tutorial Rebecca recreates one of the looks from SENZI’s latest collection and presents how to create a wide, full fringe using carefully placed wefts finished off with pin curls forming a triangular shape at the back. 

Rebecca will share with you some useful tips starting from the choice of your glue, through effective ways of hiding the stitches to creating more graduation at the back to achieve the right shape.

Although the full fringe technique is something you’ll definitely use for editorial and fashion shows, you can also find it useful whilst in the salon, allowing the client to see how they will look with a fringe before committing to the cut. 

Angel Cake

In this colouring tutorial Ceri Cushen from Metropolis Hairdressing presents an Angel Cake inspired look. Ceri uses semi-permanent products lasting only a few washes, making this technique perfect for everyday salon or editorial work. 

In the video, Ceri will show you how to achieve a nice and soft blend of colours despite using three well defined, triangular sections, whilst also avoiding any unwanted merging. 

Diving deep into avant-garde with Anne Veck

Awarded stylist Anne Veck talked to us about her nearly obsessive relationship with avant-garde hair, the overwhelming amount of ideas and ways and techniques she uses to streamline these.

Old Fashioned Fringe

In his second tutorial Steven Buzassy from Lakme Hungary and the founder of Circle Budapest recreates a style seen in an old fashion magazine with a long, soft shape and shorter internal layers, finished off with the heavy, round fringe.

In order to make monitoring the changes in the shape a lot easier, Steve chooses to cut pre blow-dried hair using a white comb, allowing him to see everything more clearly when dealing with very dark hair. 

I the video, Steve will run you through useful techniques focused around body position, scissor and comb placement as well as using your fingers to your advantage at all times. As in the previous tutorial, Steve works with the hair and natural growth patterns, continuously cross checking the shape and the lines he’s creating. 

60s Skinhead

During Salon International Tom Warr joined HAIRTRIBE once again to share with you this skinhead inspired 60s female haircut. 

Using disconnection and short length to create texture and volume on the crown, Tom shows off the soft perimeters accentuating his model’s natural features. 

In the tutorial Tom also tells you a bit more about his career as an educator and the personal benefits he has gained from it as well as his inspirations, being a rebel and how This Is England shaped his personal style. 


In the second colouring tutorial, the Technical Head of Education for HOB Academy and Salon Group and part of the Wella Colour Creative Team Sean Nolan presents a stencilling technique on extremely short hair you can easily apply to your salon work.  

Once again inspired by the Japanese culture, Sean creates an allusion of a violet cherry blossom on metallic purple using simple stencils glued into the hair using eyelash glue. 

In the video Sean will run you through the correct appliance of the colour using a flat brush and finished off with a sponge to really work the product into the root, whilst avoiding excess bleed of the colour underneath the paper. Whilst applying the product, the correct body and head position of the model and opening the occipital curve out will not only make your work easier, but will allow you to really access all areas.

Snakes, birds and finger waves with Michael Pitsillides

In this Salon International tutorial, the co-founder of SLATE Hair Education Michael Pitsillides will tell you a bit more about inspiration and where it comes from. Here he works with a fantastic model Freya, which makes the process a lot easier, but is looking for ways to make the cut a little bit more interesting, whether it’s cutting, styling, or both. You can find inspiration anywhere and Michael tends to look at nature for his influences. What makes it so special, are the repeating patterns, making it so aligned with hairdressing. 

In this style, Michael is working against the head shape, flattening the crown to accentuate the sides. Throughout the cut he plays with different shapes in little sections to achieve an interesting but well balanced result. 

“Sometimes the smallest thing you do will make the biggest difference at the end of it.”

Different elements of the style come together to create a head-turning result. The colour adds another dimension to the style, whereas the styling including carefully placed finger waves makes it a little bit weirder, a little bit more interesting. 

During the Salon, Michael also told us a bit more about SLATE and its mission to provide people with the skillset to improve their lives with, to make their job and inspiration easier as well as the ACT Hair Event they’ve organised in aid of the My New Hair Charity. 

Dramatic Avant-Garde

Awarded hairstylist Anne Veck presents how to transform a commercial technique into an avant-garde form. In a dramatic look from the Silhouette collection, Anne will teach you how to turn hair into fabric using strategically placed stitching. 

In the tutorial she describes her creative process, taking something commercial, here a twisted plat, making it bigger, more contrasty and of course more interesting. 

As with other styles, Anne focuses on prepping the hair and runs you through the routine required for this particular technique, paying special attention to heat protection.

To achieve the perfect look, you have to ensure the consistency of your sections, their size and placement. As you’ll be working with threading, having an extra pair of hands can help you keep your sections neat at all times. 

The technique opens up endless possibilities and allows you to create different forms, colours and styles. Watch the tutorial, have a play around and share the results with us.