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In this hairstyling tutorial Angelo Seminara presents one of the patterns made possible by the Imprinter, an easy to use tool allowing to turn hair into art.

Angelo creates a simple style with two braids in the back defining the shape and a more robust braid in the middle. The style is in line with his etos, still looking like hair without too much product. Angelo takes inspiration from Paganini. Rather than repeating what he’s done, he creates something slightly different, not worried about the lack of perfect symmetry. This is something he encourages all hairdressers and stylists to do, to travel and play with the hair rather than sticking to a certain concept as that’s what will allow them to create something original.

To finish off the style, Angelo adds a bit of personal touch making the hair look more messy and organic and uses spray to create marvellous patterns, perfect for editorial work or fashion shows. 


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