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Modern Twist

Here Charlie Gray from Menspire Academy presents a classic look with a contemporary and creative twist.

Charlie creates a  diagonal graduation through the sides of the head, with disconnected sideburns, triangular shape through the top with hair increasing in length to the front of the head, very free flowing and with lots of movement, finished off with a creative neckline. 

Throughout the cut, Charlie stresses the importance of breaking the haircut into zones, here a top area through the contour, recession area, the apex and sides, which allow him to create a precise shape whilst also working organically with the crown. To achieve this, he visually looks at the roots and where they want to sit. This is possible through keeping the sections clean and hair wet, while making sure the cutting line is nice and precise. To ensure this, Charlie also focuses on which side of the haircut he’s standing on as he goes, to retain more control and to avoid putting his body under any stress.

Also with the blow dry, Charlie works through the hair in panels, with the dryer on medium speed and low heat to get close to the scalp and have more control over the blow dry without burning the model. 

The cut is finished off with a personal touch – the creative neckline, which also compliments the model’s head shape. 


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