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Modern Box Bob

In this hairdressing tutorial, Kristof Pacura from Sassoon Academy will teach you how to remove excess weight from temple and side area and create a well defined, square edge in the modern take on the classic bob. Kristof presents a simple and precise layering technique that will give you more options for creating looks for your clients wanting more than just a box bob. 

The overall style is inspired by Kristof’s surroundings and Natalie Portman’s character in the cult film “Leon.” Such inspirations are not limited to just hairdressing, Kristof stresses the effect that the areas he lived and worked in had on his choices related to career and art. 

To take the weight off the hair, Kristof creates panels of length which don’t connect together, but do so on the external line adding softness and movement into the style making it more chewy and deconstructed. This technique is a good alternative to the more common pointing method. 

When switching to the other side and checking the panels between both, Kristof works very visually, which is something he recommends to all artists. The more you measure the less perfect it looks due to differences in growth patterns and head shape. The best way is to trust yourself and your gut, which applies not only to geometric hairstyles, but hairdressing altogether. 

“You need to learn your rules to be able to break them” – the craft involves a lot of knowledge and various techniques, but what will make you successful is developing and following your all personal style that can utilise those. 

“Try to learn something new every day and it’s going to take you to another level.”


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