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Micro bob

In this cutting tutorial Pont Smith presents a version of a modern micro bob sitting just above the ears with an element of disconnection, finished off with a choppy, soft fringe. 

Pont works here with a halo shape creating a round graduation. In the video he will run you through appropriate sectioning to avoid disruption of the hair underneath as well as body position, finger placement and model’s head position. The latter can especially impact the angle of your graduation. 

With a round graduation it’s important to move the body position around with the sections whilst also being delicate to ensure each section is combed thoroughly. 

When working on different parts of the head, it’s essential to keep the elevation constant to keep the lines straight. This is especially important on different sides dependent on whether you’re right or left handed. Pont himself uses a checklist which can be easily applied to your work and make it more streamlined. 

“Discipline yourself” and make sure to refine the cut. This is what Pont swears by and what allows him to reduce any excess overdirection or finger prints from the initial cut to create a well balanced style.


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