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Les Echorches

“Creativity is just the beginning. The development, the process is very important. There’s no good or bad ideas. It’s what you do with it that counts”.

In this tutorial Robert Masciave shows how to realise your ideas and create one of the looks from his avant-garde collection Les Echorches, inspired by the idea of what his tribe could look like and what could keep them together.

Here Robert presents how to create a complex headpiece using simple materials such as chicken wire, gaffer tape, sponge, real hair and a weft. Throughout the process he ensures there is movement in the piece to create the realistic look and to mix harsh elements with the softness of the motion.

Robert stresses the importance of a good foundation for the piece, here a very tight ponytail, which will support the construction and save it from unwanted movement. This is something you have to continuously ensure throughout the styling, making sure each piece, each element will not only look good, but also remain in position despite the model’s movement.


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