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In this tutorial, the international creative director of HOB Academy and HOB Salons Akin Konizi uses precision cutting to refine a pre-existing style and create a more robust, easy to maintain look with strong lines. 

Akin stresses the importance of using a variety of techniques and approaches. Once you start doing something ‘always’, you introduce rules into your work and once there’s rules, you stop learning – “Rules are there to be questioned”.

Akin pays attention to what he can use and what will be left rather than what he will take off. Here he chooses to leave the long back and create a more dramatic fringe for the ‘wow’ effect. The shape of the fringe determines the perceived character of the person and whether they will seem strong and powerful or soft, even simple.

Whilst determining the fringe area in the first place, Akin focuses on where it falls naturally – you can’t alter it too much, as the hair will fall in the wrong place and it won’t work. 

Precision in cutting is also applied to refining the fringe. Akin avoids hurrying and returns to it over and over again to perfect it. Throughout this process, he focuses on the shadow underneath it. The edge of the fringe and the shadow it casts is what defines it and will attract all attention, therefore it’s important to make sure that the graduation line and the shadow line are beautiful. 


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