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Geometric Knott

In this tutorial, Tom Connell the International Creative Director at Trevor Sorbie, will teach you how to create a style based in contrasts with the sharp, geometric and disconnected front with a natural, greasy and more editorial back. 

Tom shares tips and tricks when cutting the perfect fringe with subtle layers allowing it to move effortlessly in the wind without any emerging gaps and making it easier to style by the model or client at home. In order to ensure the result is as planned, Tom keeps a certain distance from the model which allows him to keep an eye on the overall picture and the developing style. 

Sharp geometric shapes can make or break the style and it’s imperative to ensure these suit the model or the client getting the haircut. Whilst cutting the sides, Tom stresses the importance of accentuating something with these, be it cheekbones, eye sockets or jawline. This ensures that when looking at model’s or client’s face, the onlooker’s gaze will be immediately drawn towards their most flattering facial features. 

The secret to the presented style, aside from the sharp contrasts, lies in the lack of division between the disciplined front and undisciplined back, married by a strip of softness. This makes the haircut a bit softer and less divided all adding up to the stunning result. 


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