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Function Before Form

In this tutorial Ryan Forsythe, Trevor Sorbie’s Director and Head of Education, presents a very adaptable hair cutting technique, perfect for the salon, combining scissors and a razor to create a soft and feminine look. 

It can be adapted to anything you want, depending on the purpose and the customer. It can be especially useful when working with colour, to unveil its complexity and create interesting shapes and movement within the hair. 

Ryan combines technical and structural cut underneath, cutting on wet hair to manage the velocity and elasticity of the hair to achieve the right shape, with disconnection through the sides, following the head shape, and working very visually on the top. There, working on dry hair, combining razor and scissor cutting to open up the top layer and expose some of the colour that’s underneath, he adds softness whilst reducing the bulk of the hair for a more feminine result. 

The style follows Ryan’s ethos: “Function comes before form” which gives a good foundation and ensures the form looks great in the process, suiting the model or the client and their daily lives. 


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