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In this tutorial Trevor Sorbie’s technical creative director John Spanton presents how to transfer a spontaneous idea onto hair whilst recreating the look from Trevor Sorbie’s artistic team collection 2016.

The idea can come from anywhere, here arising during a casual conversation with one of John’s colleagues. Although originally soft and well blended, John transformed the pattern making it cleaner and more graphic. Through practice at home or in the salon on training heads, you can recreate what you have in mind in a slightly more realistic and practical way, find which methods will work and which won’t, what result you can get using which products and finally achieve the result you’re happy with. 

Here John creates the Checkmate, a freeehand-painted pattern not simply sitting on the surface of the hair, but going all the way through it. In order to do this whilst also sticking to the preconceived shapes, it’s important to pay attention to where the hair naturally sits whilst separating the sections and dropping each of them, very carefully and precisely. Any movement on this will affect the result and can make or break the style.


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