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Kevin Luchmun presents how to achieve a seamless fade with internal texture throughout the length and the top, finished off with a short fringe with a lot of movement.

Kevin starts of with prepping and sectioning the hair, followed by his fading technique. In order to simplify the process of taking the length down to 0 for the fade, Kevin recommends creating a 0 line first and ensuring it’s not too high to keep the cut balanced and seamless. To fade out the hair, he first begins with the clipper opened to 0.5, later on 1, to first create and then remove the weight lines, forming another guideline parallel to the horseshoe. Once the lines are there, Kevin fades them out in reverse, going from 1 to 0.5, later refining the top part of the fade with a 1.5 for a smoother effect. Everyone’s head is different and there might be some areas with bigger inconsistencies, this is where you can use the corner of your clipper to remove any excess length. 


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