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Krzystof @Tama

Krzystof, please tell us what is Enter education and why is it important to produce events like the one we filmed with you…


As a Christmas gift from us TO YOU, we have just dropped a new cut tutorial on Hairtribe TV from @pacura.kristof , international educator and founder of

In the upcoming video releases, we will hear from Kristof on what inspires him creatively and how his precision cutting knowledge allows him to explore these ideas and inspirations.
We see how the model’s suitability and individuality lead Kristof to create something perfect for the person, whilst relevant to current trends.

Let us know what you think and keep an eye out for more from Kristof coming very soon.

The Swirl

In this styling tutorial Trevor Sorbie’s Director and Head of Education, Ryan Forsythe presents a more editorial style, perfect for photoshoots or fashion shows, recreating a look from his recent collection ‘Grey Area’. 

The Swirl is a strong graphic look, using stronghold gel to create the continuous swirling motion on sides of the head. The inspiration for the style came from crop circles and Carl Krull’s  line drawing. 

In the video, Ryan will run you through the essential steps to sculpt the hair consistently and with ease, from wetting it through product application and recreating on the other side, maintaining balance within the style. 

Aside from carefully choosing the model and her hair of the right thickness, Ryan utilises colour and dark roots to create contrast within the style and make the shape really stand out. 

Function Before Form

In this tutorial Ryan Forsythe, Trevor Sorbie’s Director and Head of Education, presents a very adaptable hair cutting technique, perfect for the salon, combining scissors and a razor to create a soft and feminine look. 

It can be adapted to anything you want, depending on the purpose and the customer. It can be especially useful when working with colour, to unveil its complexity and create interesting shapes and movement within the hair. 

Ryan combines technical and structural cut underneath, cutting on wet hair to manage the velocity and elasticity of the hair to achieve the right shape, with disconnection through the sides, following the head shape, and working very visually on the top. There, working on dry hair, combining razor and scissor cutting to open up the top layer and expose some of the colour that’s underneath, he adds softness whilst reducing the bulk of the hair for a more feminine result. 

The style follows Ryan’s ethos: “Function comes before form” which gives a good foundation and ensures the form looks great in the process, suiting the model or the client and their daily lives. 

Modern Bowie

In his third hair cutting tutorial, Ryan Forsythe presents a creative style inspired by the photograph of David Bowie from 1969 taken by Alec Byrne and an image of a girl who’s just taken off her bicycle helmet. 

To achieve the desired effect, Ryan works separately with the internal and external shape managing the bulk of the hair and its movement to achieve a balanced result. 

In the tutorial, Ryan shares advice on working with curly or curled hair and the naturally occurring shapes, using the right tools and products, to cut with and not against the hair. 

Interview with Ryan Forsythe

Despite combining intrinsic inspirations from all areas of life and crafting into impressive sculptures, Ryan Forsythe’s cuts are consistently highly suiting and wearable, making for a great result, be it editorial, fashion show or everyday salon work. 

Watch the interview to find out more about his admission process to Trevor Sorbie and inspirations for the three looks he recreated exclusively for Hairtribe.

Wella TVA – Obscure Retro

TrendVision Award is Wella’s exciting annual contest designed to bring out the best in its participants through unrivalled mentoring programme at each stage.

In this tutorial, the TVA Male Grooming mentor Darren Ambrose presents how to combine razor and scissor cutting techniques to add personality to the hair. 

Achieving a certain look doesn’t have to revolve around major changes, but rather detailed personalisation:

“Utilising your technique you can go into the pockets of the haircut that will personalise it”

By preserving the length and adding more texture with the razor and his own fingers, Darren gives his model a strong and unique look, full of character, paying homage to Gucci and retroism. 

Whilst adding more of an animalistic vibe to the hair and sculpting it with his fingers, Darren also manages unity within the cut, preserving solidness and connection between the layers. This allows him to create a more authentic and genuine cut, working with the natural movements of the hair and adding a bit more colours and shades for a more masculine finish. 

Watch the full video and learn how to make a big impact whilst preserving the length of the hair and create an authentic cut full of character. 

Wella TVA – Twisted 60’s

TrendVision Award is Wella’s exciting annual contest designed to bring out the best in its participants through unrivalled mentoring programme at each stage. 

Akin Konizi is the mentor for the Creative Artist of the Year Category. In this hairdressing tutorial he presents a unique take on the 60s iconic look with an undercut on the sides, bob shape underneath on the back and longer hair on the top, giving the model lots of styling options focused around a ‘Japan street look’ – youthful and cool.

When cutting the hair, Akin focuses on creating a theme, providing the model with a brand and character rather than just a cut. 

“People don’t get a haircut, they get an image, a brand a character.”

Akin emphasises how different is cutting somebody’s hair for the first time compared with the second or third. You have to work slowly to learn what the hair wants to do, how it wants to sit and see what works. To make this easier and achieve a better result, Akin cuts hair dry, without much tension to see the natural movement in the hair. This allows him to create just the result he wants and the result that will look great on his model.

“You don’t cut hair messily to get a messy haircut – you cut hair with precision to get a messy look.”

Especially in the competition, you need to make sure you finish your look ready for the photograph – at HOB they call it the ‘photographic finish’.

Wella TVA Raw and Erratic

TrendVision Award is Wella’s exciting annual contest designed to bring out the best in its participants through unrivalled mentoring programme at each stage. 

Jayson Gray is responsible for the colour mentorship and in this tutorial presents how to create more character within model’s hair, with the emphasis on texture and internal shapes, encompassing current trends within hairdressing and fashion. 

Jayson uses a combination of colours to make the style more erratic and imprecise, implementing more richness and deepness into the colours. Whilst making the hairstyle very current but also unique, Jayson gives it more personality whilst preserving the raw character. 

His core advice is to always experiment with colour to achieve a good balance within the creative style. This is especially important within the competition circuit, where you need to think about the aesthetic rather than the most popular colour on the market which is more likely to be used by other contestants. Using a wider variety of products will make you stand out as is ensuring that the overall look is consistent with the hair, such as make-up and styling to achieve a wholesome result.