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Modern Twist

Here Charlie from Menspire Academy presents a classic look with a contemporary and creative twist. 

Stressing the importance of separating the head into different areas and working organically with the crown, Charlie maintains a balanced haircut, creating lots of length and movement through the top of the head, whilst avoiding a mushroom effect. 

Neon Geometry

Awarded colourist Sean Nolan presents a commercial, yet highly creative technique. Inspired by Japanese aesthetics and the concept of wabi-sabi, Sean created a 70s neon geometry hairstyle blending strong pink and purple.


Anne Veck presents one of the winning looks from her Silhouette collection which brought her the Southern Hairdresser of the Year Award in 2016.

Drawing inspiration from her childhood memories and her grandmother’s wardrobe, Anne uses micro crimping, platting and padding to create a truly impressive, avant-garde construction.

The New Movement

Here Angelo uses The Imprinter to create a stunning multicolour graduation. It will inspire you to go beyond the technique and think about colour from an entirely different perspective, thus seeing it as a genius tool allowing for expression of your own childlike playfulness.


Akin creates a hairstyle formed of contrasting and strongly positioned elements. This unique and beautiful image is suitable for individuals with character and attitude.

The artist shows us how to cut the perfectly straight fringe, either connecting or disconnecting the sides.

Elongated Back

In this video tutorial, Charlie will show us how to create a unique elongated type of indy mullet style, something that is easy to style and maintain.

Chairle have mastered the technique of extending the layers towards the hairline to make it look light, soft and attractive.



This technique requires great focus and vision. Charlie presents how to achieve the perfect skin fade and the extremely masculine look provided by the square layer at the top.

Charlie is amongst the best men’s hairdressers in the industry. His knowledge is easily transferable thus making him a true celebrity within men’s grooming.



Here Angelo shows us his latest invention, The Imprinter. It’s a clever and simple in use tool which will allow you to play with colour and create stunning, show-stopping patterns.

Kevin’s 70’s

In this hairdressing tutorial, Kevin shows how to recreate the iconic 70’s mullet look, spiced up with extra light lengths and layers. It’s a deeply personalised style which suits his model perfectly. Kevin proves once again that his skill and knowledge is second to none.



Akin Konizi presents his versatile and pliant style. Through the use of disconnections and soft textures, this extremely creative look becomes accesible and wearable.