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Elongated Back

In this video tutorial, Charlie will show us how to create a unique elongated type of indy mullet style, something that is easy to style and maintain.

Chairle have mastered the technique of extending the layers towards the hairline to make it look light, soft and attractive.



In this video tutorial, Charlie will show you how to get a perfect skin fade, the extremely masculine look is achieved by the square layer at the top. This technique requires focus and the vision.

Charlie is one of the best mens hairdressers in the industry and his knowledge is easily transferable, He indeed has a real gift of teaching, making him a celebrity in the industry of men’s grooming.




In this video tutorial, Angelo will show us his newest invention “the Imprinter” a clever, simple in use tool that will allow you to create show-stopping patterns, This tool opens up limitless possibilities and will allow you to offer unique service to your clients.

Kevin’s 70’s

In this hairdressing tutorial, Kevin will show you a great technique to create a 70’s iconic mullet look with extra light lengths and layers. A deeply personalised style that suits his model perfectly. Kevin proofs again that his skill and knowledge is second to none.



Akin Konizi presents his versatile and pliant style. The use of disconnection and soft texture allows this extremely creative look to become accesible and wearable.

Tim Hartley – Interview

We had a pleasure of visiting Tim in his quirky residence in Berkshire UK,

Spending time with Tim and learning about his way about the stays inspired and what he perceives to be the link  in every generation of hairdressers


In this hairdressing tutorial, Kevin will show us how to create a perfect zero fade. Strong look requires precision and the right know-how to make sure the hairstyle is neat and tidy.



We have a pleasure to present to you one of the most exciting hair artists in the industry. Angelo Seminara.
In this tutorial, Angelo will show us a simple and beautiful styling technique with a use of his newest invention The Imprinter.

Les Echorches

Les Echorches – is the name of a collection that Robert has been working on recently, Inspired by tribes, this hairdressing tutorial, you will learn how to make and install the pieces to fully be able to express yourself.




In this hairdressing tutorial, Robert will show us comprehensive approach to cutting hair. According to his methodology, ergonomic cutting (e-cutting) is not only about your clients/ models hair but also about body position of the stylist.

e-blades could be adopted as another tool in your toolbox but e-cutting methodology is the way you look at the art of expressing yourself.