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Wella TVA – Twisted 60’s

TrendVision Award is Wella’s exciting annual contest designed to bring out the best in its participants through unrivalled mentoring programme at each stage. 

Akin Konizi is the mentor for the Creative Artist of the Year Category. In this hairdressing tutorial he presents a unique take on the 60s iconic look with an undercut on the sides, bob shape underneath on the back and longer hair on the top, giving the model lots of styling options focused around a ‘Japan street look’ – youthful and cool.

When cutting the hair, Akin focuses on creating a theme, providing the model with a brand and character rather than just a cut. 

“People don’t get a haircut, they get an image, a brand a character.”

Akin emphasises how different is cutting somebody’s hair for the first time compared with the second or third. You have to work slowly to learn what the hair wants to do, how it wants to sit and see what works. To make this easier and achieve a better result, Akin cuts hair dry, without much tension to see the natural movement in the hair. This allows him to create just the result he wants and the result that will look great on his model.

“You don’t cut hair messily to get a messy haircut – you cut hair with precision to get a messy look.”

Especially in the competition, you need to make sure you finish your look ready for the photograph – at HOB they call it the ‘photographic finish’.


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