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Wella TVA Raw and Erratic

TrendVision Award is Wella’s exciting annual contest designed to bring out the best in its participants through unrivalled mentoring programme at each stage. 

Jayson Gray is responsible for the colour mentorship and in this tutorial presents how to create more character within model’s hair, with the emphasis on texture and internal shapes, encompassing current trends within hairdressing and fashion. 

Jayson uses a combination of colours to make the style more erratic and imprecise, implementing more richness and deepness into the colours. Whilst making the hairstyle very current but also unique, Jayson gives it more personality whilst preserving the raw character. 

His core advice is to always experiment with colour to achieve a good balance within the creative style. This is especially important within the competition circuit, where you need to think about the aesthetic rather than the most popular colour on the market which is more likely to be used by other contestants. Using a wider variety of products will make you stand out as is ensuring that the overall look is consistent with the hair, such as make-up and styling to achieve a wholesome result. 


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