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Teenage Dream

In this colouring tutorial freelance educator and consultant Grace Gebbie, responsible for the education system at BLEACH London, will run you through safe and clean hair bleaching leaving out healthy long hair. 

When communicating with the client it’s important to make sure they understand the time frame for lightening the roots which should be between 5/6 weeks and 8 weeks. If you bleach the roots earlier than that you are risking increased breakage, whereas leaving it any later can create a yellow band as there won’t be enough heat from the scalp to process the product. 

Whilst bleaching, Grace pays attention to the condition of the hair and existing breakage sharing tips on how to work with it. She works with a dabbing technique rather than sweeping, whilst keeping the right consistency of the bleach, in order to avoid overlapping onto the already blonde hair. 

Grace also pays attention to communication with the client. Providing your customers with more information on limiting the painfulness of the process and appropriate aftercare such as avoiding any direct heat or increased friction will ensure your relationship with them is based on trust and hence increase client retention.  


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