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Neon Geometry

In this tutorial Sean Nolan from HOB Academy and Salons and Creative Educator for the Wella Colour Creative Team presents a bright and vivid 70s Neon Geometry inspired style. Utilising a commercial, yet creative colouring technique you can use in a salon, Sean creates a geometric shape with neon finish on the hair, inspired by the Japanese culture and the concept of Wabi-sabi, understanding and appreciating the beauty of ageing and transient of things. 

The Neon Geometry look is aligned with HOBs ethos of harmonious colouring, using a cool palette of well blending pink and purple. Whilst creating the style, Sean focuses on suitability, ensuring the colours suit the model’s skin tone but also her fashion sense, thus making sure the model will wear her hair as opposed to the hair wearing the model. 

Despite harmonious blending, the colours are intentionally patchy. Whilst applying the pink and purple, Sean works more as a colourist rather than hair colourist, visually working out how the outcome will look rather than following a particular pattern. He uses the natural qualities of the colours and their vibrance for contouring throughout, achieving a flat effect on the dark, aubergine root, with a lot of texture in the pink areas. 

To spice up the look, on the previously prelightened undercut Sean presents how to achieve a peekaboo feature, a sunset blend with pink harmoniously blending into purple. Using a flat brush, first as flat and heavy as possible for maximum saturation, later using it vertically to reduce saturation and blend the two colours. 


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