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Modern Teddy

In this tutorial Tom Warr presents a take on the teddy boy look, working with short to long through the top to create the quiff at the front with a round graduation on the sides with a low, tapered skin fade. 

With gents cuts, Tom recommends putting in the basic shape first. He also works with thin sections to keep the cut neat. Being clean and regimented will allow you to achieve an even build up of weight whilst also working at a quick pace. 

Round graduation is perfect for this type of short cuts making them consistently neat and clean. When switching sides it’s important to cross check and keep the balance and the length to achieve the desired effect. Some of the differences in length can be managed afterwards cutting scissor over comb – one of Tom’s favourite and most satisfying techniques. 

When putting in the zero fade, Tom starts off with the higher grade to avoid putting in the harsh line. As with the round graduation, stepping back and cross checking your work will allow you to create the right shape. 


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