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Everyone has a different way of finding inspiration. What tends to work best for John Spanton from Trevor Sorbie is procrastination and panic combined with trial and error. In this case, Trevor was struggling with a different technique and trying to get it to work without any results. That forced him to start looking around, find a decorative tool and start experimenting with it like a screen printer. This led him to an idea which combined with a pattern inspired by his favourite sneakers, resulted in this Adidas style. 

In this colouring tutorial John will run you through choosing, prepping and toning your weft to achieve the right colour and texture, colouring those and making sure the pattern works well visually depending on the head placement. John will also share with you some tips on the colour choices which work well with wefts, appropriate brush work, body position and best ways of drying the wefts to avoid any blur or colour loss. 

All of this can be made or broken by the application of the wefts onto the hair. Watch the full video to find out best practice and ways to introduce balanced asymmetry into your style.


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