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Snakes, birds and finger waves with Michael Pitsillides

In this Salon International tutorial, the co-founder of SLATE Hair Education Michael Pitsillides will tell you a bit more about inspiration and where it comes from. Here he works with a fantastic model Freya, which makes the process a lot easier, but is looking for ways to make the cut a little bit more interesting, whether it’s cutting, styling, or both. You can find inspiration anywhere and Michael tends to look at nature for his influences. What makes it so special, are the repeating patterns, making it so aligned with hairdressing. 

In this style, Michael is working against the head shape, flattening the crown to accentuate the sides. Throughout the cut he plays with different shapes in little sections to achieve an interesting but well balanced result. 

“Sometimes the smallest thing you do will make the biggest difference at the end of it.”

Different elements of the style come together to create a head-turning result. The colour adds another dimension to the style, whereas the styling including carefully placed finger waves makes it a little bit weirder, a little bit more interesting. 

During the Salon, Michael also told us a bit more about SLATE and its mission to provide people with the skillset to improve their lives with, to make their job and inspiration easier as well as the ACT Hair Event they’ve organised in aid of the My New Hair Charity. 


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