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Blue Tit’s Sandra Vacev presents a style perfect for festival or wedding styling. As in her work, in the video Sandra opts for a more natural, softer and bohemian style with a large volume effect creating three ‘glued’ braids with a slightly disheveled vibe.  

In the tutorial Sandra will run you through a great prepping technique to give hair more texture allowing to achieve a desired effect. 

When making the braids, you have to make sure they’re not too loose at the beginning as you will want to loosen them later to achieve the softer and larger result. 

This style is perfect for longer hair – with shorter graduation it will be hard to achieve the desired result and bring out the strands from the braid.  Depending on the model/client and the thickness of the hair, you can do three, four or five braids for the desired look. 

Watch the video, experiment and share the results with us tagging and #hairtribe on Instagram.


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