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Next Day Hair

In this styling tutorial Adam Reed will share with you the style from the 2017 London Fashion Week inspired by a 70s dutch actress Talitha Getty, but modernised. 

Looking back at wonderful parties in the Marrakesh Gardens and the hairstyles prevalent on these, Adam focuses on how they looked the next day, slightly more worn in, a bit softer and natural. 

Session styling is all about creating beautiful hair and following his ethos of “Less is more” Adam will show you how to create a beautiful, beachy texture within the hair but with a bit more gloss and shine, with a hippie element. 

In the video Adam focuses on the tools of his choice and their very personal character. 

“Product is key – you’ll find things that you absolutely love” cheap or expensive it’s important to find something that works for you and use it accordingly, with your hands being your best friend. 


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