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Kevin’s 70’s

In his second cutting tutorial, Kevin Luchmun works with panels of different disconnections to create internal and external texture throughout the shape. Kevin creates short internal layers on the top and throughout the sides towards a longer length on the back, whilst maintaining the thickness of the fringe with added softness. 

Here Kevin works with a razor to create separation and movement throughout, mixed with point cutting to make the hair feel thicker and fuller than it already is, along with an irregular slicing technique. On the fringe, he does freehand slicing to the length in order to add an element of softness to the ends. 

When working with longer hair, Kevin stresses the importance of understanding the purpose of each section, as well as focusing on where one wants the hair to sit. This dictates not only the cutting techniques but also the blow dry.

Throughout the cut Kevin enhances the natural features of the hair, creating something quite messy with a lot of movement. 


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