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Elongated Back

In this tutorial Charlie Gray from Menspire Academy presents a Mod inspired, indie mullet. 

Here Charlie reshapes a current haircut, which is very common and useful in the salon, as customers often don’t expect a restyle, but rather ask for a better version of what they already have. 

To achieve a more prominent mullet, he disconnects and retains the length at the back whilst taking some of the length off the sides, leaving it elongated, but creating more of a sideburn area which breaks up the haircut, finished off with a soft fringe. 

As in other styles, Charlie starts by breaking the haircut down into zones, focusing on those he wants to change: the fringe, frontal, apex, temple and the nape area. 

Throughout the cut Charlie works with the natural growth patterns, letting everything that wants to sit backwards sit backwards, and everything that wants to sit at the front sit at the front. As he says, this allows for everything to react positively rather than negatively. 

The result is very textured, with more framing and shaping throughout the exterior, leaving the model with a lot of freedom in terms of the daily styling. 


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