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In this cutting tutorial, the co-founder of SENZI Education, Giammarco Amoroso presents a salon-friendly, classic look tailored to his model’s bone structure. 

“If you can master a classic shape you can create anything” 

Giammarco will run you through the square line technique, adding texture, movement and flexibility to the hair hence achieving a very soft look. Giving the model various styling opportunities, Giammarco doesn’t work with a particular parting, using a centre section from the nose down to the nape ensuring a well balanced cut. 

“The most challenging bit of hairdressing and haircutting is creating a balanced shape”

Throughout the cut, Giammarco presents how to manage the right tension, elevation, sectioning, comb, scissors and body position, weight distribution as well as using the model’s head position to your advantage and to combat the elasticity of the skin; all dependent on whether you’re aiming for a softer or more solid and defined effect. It’s important to understand the way hair moves and travels creating different shapes whilst designing and personalising the style to achieve the desired effect. Although entirely unique, working with natural hair movement will allow you to be creative with the cut whilst also ensuring its suitability and balance. 


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