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60’s Mia

In this cutting tutorial Alexander Lepschi presents a shorter cut inspired by Mia Farrow’s style from the 60s. 

With short haircuts it’s essential to decide whether you want to enhance or break the head shape. Here Alex chooses to enhance it, but with a modern twist in terms of the weight distribution. To assure this he also pays more attention to the length of the hair, ensuring it’s not too short to avoid it looking too strong but also not too long, so the hair’s not too heavy. 

There’s many approaches to perfecting the hair and creating the perfect silhouette. Instead of returning to the same sections over and over again, Alex prefers to work scissor over comb on a particular section until he’s happy with the outcome and only afterwards move on to the next area. He works very visually with the hair to achieve the desired result, and even more so to personalise it to ensure it suits the model’s head shape, bone structure and nicely frames the face. 


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