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Geometric disconnection

SENZI Education’s co-founder Giammarco Amoroso is known for his commitment to suitability. In this cutting tutorial, he presents one of the shorter looks from his collection enhancing his model’s bone structure and framing the cheekbones, using disconnection to achieve internally shorter length. 

“It is very important to actually personalise each look that we do and the only way to do that is having enough knowledge to understand how techniques work to actually create your own”

To achieve this defined and personalised shape, Giammarco works with a rounder shape but a straight cutting line, using round graduation on the back and the sides, going from shorter to longer. Throughout the cut, he pays attention to the angles of his sections and cutting lines not to disturb the balance within the shape. Giammarco also keeps an organic body position and rather than moving around and risking any changes in cutting angles, he chooses to move the model’s head to achieve the desired result. 

In the video, Giammarco will also share with you how to use the comb to hold the hair in place without applying too much tension and hence to avoid disturbing the graduation. 

Working with a client, you’ll often stumble on areas where the hair has been previously cut to a shorter shape – this is something you can work with and leave the length that’s already there rather than cutting for the sake of it. 


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