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Deconstructed Box Bob

In this tutorial Pont Smith will show you how to create a modern variation on the classic box bob. 

Working with round graduation and loose disconnection in order to build up the weight, Pont introduces movement to the hair whilst also exposing model’s flattering facial features. 

In the video Pont will run you through effective ways of working with different sections, ensuring the right body position, comb placement, scissor angles, appropriate tool usage and model’s or customer’s head position.

Whether you’re right or left handed will affect how you cut different areas of the hair. Years of experience have taught Pont how to combat his more difficult side and ensure a balanced cut. Body position and constant cross checking both sides are all essential to achieve the desired effect. 

In order to create the shape you’re looking for, it’s important to amend your techniques and work with the model’s/customers head shape. Here Pont will run you through using overdirection to build up weight on the back and the nape area, which will allow you to create this stunning style. 


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