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Tom Connell

The Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie, Tom Connell comes from a family of hairdressers with both parents cultivating the craft in Wigan. As a keen photographer and filmmaker, Tom realises his vision within the company, implementing new and more minimal but also more suitable ways and techniques of showcasing the hair coming from the Artistic Team. 

In his work, despite the unique cuts and styles, Tom focuses on making them a bit softer a bit more natural which also motivates his activity and decisions within Trevor Sorbie. 

“I like ideas when there’s a story behind them, when there’s a point of genuine inspiration. The Mancunian stylist believes the inspiration should come from everywhere –

“absorb as much as possible from outside of the industry, use your interests away from hairdressing to influence your ideas and work. It could be music, film, culinary, whatever, take it and use it to inform your work.”