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John Spanton

John Spanton career was quite accidental. Indeed nothing really predestined him to become an hairdresser. “I didn’t want to be a hairdresser until after I started working in the salon! I took the job to leave school and just fell in love with it!“. From Paisley, Scotland, John was lucky enough to be noticed by his hair hero Trevor Sorbie: “I’m very proud that Trevor told me I was a good enough colourist to work with him and then later promoted me the Technical Education Director for his whole company.”

And looking back it seemed like a good decision. Today, John’s beautiful hairstyles are recognised and shared internationally, and last year, he was crowned FierceHair winner by HairClubLive.

Asked about his creative process, John’s answers: “Inspirations don’t have to be as creative as you think, the looks I have painted are inspired by a chessboard, the art style pointillism and my favourite trainers – Adidas Gazelles (he owns about 50 pairs) and sometimes you stumble across things just from trying things out and making mistakes along the way,” but that is ok… because as John says what you have to do is “work harder, then work a little harder”.