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Giammarco Amoroso

Aged 16, Giammarco Amoroso entered a hair salon in Rome and asked one of the employees what it was like to cut hair, the answer was simple; “This is not a job, it’s a lifestyle”.

Inspired by these words, Giammarco went on to become a hairdresser, working for some of the most prestigious salons such as Vidal Sassoon. Later on, he joined forces with Greek hairstylist Michael Mengisoglou and founded Senzi: “Seeing your visions and dreams coming to reality has no price”. Years later Senzi has become an international hair educator, with shows and seminars all around the world.

Reflecting on his path, the Italian hairstylist insists inspiration can come from anywhere: “We just need to preserve our childish curiosity in order to find it.” And if Giammarco has to give only one piece of advice to today´s young hairstylists,  it is a simple but valuable one: “Follow your heart. Without passion no achievements are possible”.